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My Little Movie Maker

J has been able to scratch his cinematography itch recently, because over the past few days he’s final gotten his hands on iMovie on his iPad even if its the old version (that took a bit of fiddling with to get working on an old Apple device).

Anyway the videos he’s created are brilliant and I’m so proud of how invested he is in this creative avenue, it really shows off his intelligence and drive. Well enough of me bragging about my star son just watch the vids below and enjoy.

ShortViews on youtube

Grunt Works

The idea of Grunt work came from people just doing every day jobs not really knowing why they’re working or what there working for but just trying to get by without a direction. The only difference is that all the Gods that people make up to get them through the daily grind are actually all floating around and employing them. Lets see how they get on.

Secret life of pooches

Wifey and I have just taken the kids to see The Secret Life Of Pets 2, mostly because there’s a basset in it called pop’s and in this house we love everything basset related.

But the especially brilliant part of this new movie was the fact that Pops has a puppy lodger with him called Tiny, who is a cute little basset pup.

Both us and the kiddos went crazy over this poochie dynamic because it’s kinda like the Moe and Maz story arc that I draw about, with an ancient wizened old hound and a new to the world wide eyed puppy and how one has to put up with the other without one being posted to Timbuktu (I love Garfield).

Even though they weren’t in it long they both made a big impact on all of us here in the Phillips house and we couldn’t leave without buying a drinks bottle each for the kids with a Tiny figurine on the top.

Every kid needs to grow up knowing a pets love, it gives them empathy and helps them develop a caring nature. This let’s them understand their are other creatures bar themselves on this planet and they aren’t the only thing in the world. This love also flows both ways, with a well looked after and loving pet, helping the kiddos at times of hardship and get them through ruff (get it) days. Our pets seem to understand that a cuddle and a play will help the kiddos fix the upset.

Enchiridion Chartis

Our own spin on an Easter egg hunt.

I’m not one who is overly knowledgeable about the whole Easter thing but I do love a good treasure hunt (pirates rule) and the kids like nothing more than having a challenge (that and the chance to get loads of chocolate goodies) and for the past few years I’ve spent a day or two before Easter creating these treasure maps.
It’s about the four or fifth year that I’ve gone all out with the effort, but its only been since last year that we’ve saved the old map and so I started creating a them as volumes.
Volume 1 last years had to be updated because of some of the minor changes around the house, but mostly Josh said it was too hard in parts, especial as he had to workout word searches and cryptic clues.
So along comes Volume 2 – Enchiridion Chartis (The Guide Book of Maps, we like Adventure time in this house) and I just made it as hard if not harder than last time with even more clues and puzzles find and figure out. I also added in a games master a.k.a me with some prerecorded video messages.
Anyway the kids had a whale of a time and it kept them busy for over and hour, below are just a few highlight pictures of the fun they had.
Reading the map and using the grease proof secret decoder
The Kiddo’s in the sun having treasure map fun
Figuring out the Chests Combination Code
The (Sugary) Riches at the end of the hunt

Evelyn’s Mermaid Scene

Every now and then we as a family like to sit down and just doodle, when Eves saw my old little mermaid Mona picture she decided to get her coloured crayons and stickers out and have a crack at the her own version. I love all the bright colours in her under sea land, but I’m not sure how the bunnies are gonna feel living under water, maybe they’ll adapt like Sandy on Sponge bob and just wear fish balls for hats.

Hans Christian Andersen – B-Day

It’s Hans Christian Andersen birthday today as well as my own and I’d just found in the old archives of my comic works the Molly and Mona little mermaid front cover art.

“Just look at the world around you,
Right here on the ocean floor.
Such wonderful things around you.
What more is you lookin’ for?”
– Sebastian, The Little Mermaid – Movie

“mermaids have no tears, and therefore they suffer more.”
― Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid – Book

The Movie seems to be a little bit chirpier than the book but sometimes you need the dark side with the bright to help make a clear choice on your own.

Piza the Pizza Game

I’m having a crack at making a computer game with my son Josh and his own comic character Piza the Pizza slice, it has been fun and a bit of a steep learning curve for us both. My skills with the software are basic (…ly nothing) and Josh’s patience on animating character assets and game metrics means I can’t move fast enough. But we are still loving the challenge.

click to read more…

Land of Blanketoveryeh

The kids and doggo have travelled long and far to arrive in the strange land of Blanketoveryeh (get it blanket over you, I surprise even myself). Its a harsh place where only the comfest can surrive the turbulent weather of a nicely heated lounge. I think I’m gonna be in trouble when I tell the they can’t sleep there tonight, but I’ll have fun pretending to raid the den when I have to get them all to bed, “Arh!”

The only issue is I’ve just found out that used socks seem to be their currency… so more like “erh” than “arh!”

Bassett hound mic drop

Mc Maz in the hizouse, ready to drop some bad (breath) licks and howel out the crazy cats in the neighbourhood dog. Bone breaking forever!

Feeling sorry for herself

I didn’t think a Bassett hound could look anymore miserable. Poor little princess pooch having to wear her lamp shade.

I think she’d of preferred it in pink instead of blue.

This ain't funny

No Shade

Lamp shade blues

Popped bulb

My Twirling Princess

My little lady is doing so well in the world at large, shes top of the class (in my heart at least). Both her and her big bother are just awesome mini people to spend all of my free time with and they help make my humdrum existence a little more special. All the conversations that we have about there ideas and views help me realise that anything which feels overbearing and oppressive in the daily grind has no place in this space.

Back to the twirling princess its been a while since I’ve done anything on my site (I guess the holidays kinda filled up my timetable). So now that I’ve had two minutes in finishing it I’ve concluded that its been inspired by watching my personal princess at her dance recital just before my schedule filling up.

Birthday Blowout

Recently I’ve been to a birthday party unlike any-other I’ve attended in my life time because the party wasn’t going to be at a swimming pool or feature a bouncy castle or even have a nerf war going on like most I seem to get dragged along to these days. Also it wasn’t filled with hundreds of small sugared up little kiddielings (there were some), Oh no the special someone who’s party it was wasn’t celebrating a single digit birthday or even a double digit birthday, she was celebrating a triple digit birthday.

My Nana Margret is a very special lady to me. I remember when I was a little sprog and didn’t eat me school dins, she had an idea for how to feed me her home made grub. The school was only a stone’s throw away from her flat (which was above my parent’s shop) she’d make me dinner every day as long as I walked to the shop without messing around (different time kids could walk the streets home without some news story screaming of neglectful parents or schools).

This changed things for me because my nans cooking was and still is legendary especially her meat and tattie pie that she’d make for her grand kids which would be tailor made for their individual tastes with their initials on top. I always thought I was keeping her company but she, it seems was always looking out for me. Her flat was great for my dinners, I could eat my lovely meals in peace and when I finished I could just in so see the playing field from her veranda. This gave me the heads up on (spying on) my mates because I could see if they’d finish their dinners then I could see them and walk back around to play (great times), but other times if I’d had a rough morning (or it was raining) I could just sit with her and feel looked after.

Anyway this party that she had, gathered all her family together to reminisce about all the good times that we’ve all had with her, all the first meetings, Sunday dinners, little tuts when you’ve changes your hair style or gotten an ear piercing and all the warm hugs that she gave out. Everyone had only good things to say about her and the hundred years she has been leaving her mark on the world and the people in her life.

I love the women who helped bring me up, she was always around to talk too and helping look after us, because my parents had a busy life with the shop open 7 days a week. She was the one around helping my mum and dad out with keeping an eye on my brothers and me while other helped them in the shop. Anyway, she is one hell of a hundred-year-old woman.

Take two… or three… maybe more?

Starting again with my arty stuff because of outsider influences (namely my son Josh) not in a bad way its more wanting to better myself so that I can help out my children and be a more positive role-model for them. So I’ve been watching loads of other cartoonists showing off there tricks and tips on youtube, tumblr and other net forums. Helping guiding other wanna be’s like me with cheat sheets and methods, I’m hoping for something like an old game cheat code that I could just type in to my digital art package (like up, down, left, right, A, B, Start – it hasn’t worked yet, nope not even an extra 1up) which would help me out.
What I did learn from all that content is that every one of those artists may have their own take on what’s important, but have lots of over lapping idea’s, with a lot of hours put in making a firm foundation in their chosen areas. All that skill makes it look natural and simple when watching but frustrating as heck in practice.
But don’t give up if you wanna succeed, there isn’t a lot worth doing in this world that doesn’t involved a bit of hard work, but the feeling you get after putting in that effort lasts longer and your skill sets grow stronger with the struggle.
This brought me to the realisation, take what you need from others tuition, listen to everyone’s thinking/views and give new methods ago. It may be contradicting opinion’s but if you don’t try you’ll never truly expand you understanding, don’t just clam up and mumble in your own head or even leave slaggy comments like some flabby, broken, decrepit, nocturnal, sweaty, media troll that believes their voices is the only one that matters (don’t trump others dreams) and doesn’t want others to succeed because they wont try.
No matter what your age everyone can learn something new.

Mr Men full of emotions…

The kiddie wink’s have been enthralled when listening to me reading them Mr Men books and little Miss books of a night time before they get tucked in and hopefully drift off peacefully to the land of nod. click to read more…

A Walk in the …

Parks are a terrific place for kids to release pent up energy. Josh, Eves, Maisy and I had a drive out to ours after Sunday lunch at my folks. click to read more…

What time is it…

It’s creativity time, as Adventure time comes to a close and to me it’s both a crying shame but also has a feeling of finality like it deserves a fitting conclusion click to read more…

Thought’s by the fire…

The family has just been out for a nice car ride, Wifey and I went for a shopping day (presents for both Wifey and Eve’s birthdays) while the kids went to the in-laws to spend some quality time with Nan and Grandad B. click to read more…

Sick day…

Evelyn’s ear infection became to intense for her to get over without medical care so after Wifey made an appointment I took her to the the Doc’s click to read more…

Bright Ideas…

My son Josh has new and brilliant ideas every day. His brain is like a bubbling pot every day something new floats to the top. Yesterday Josh was watching Spiderman…

and the idea that came to him was that if you could make Doc Oc’s tentacles automated automatons they could become handy helper travelling around on their own and I bet Doc Oc might win once without even lifting a single appendage.

Josh always seems to gravitate towards the villains of comic books, it’s got to be something to do with the fact that they seem to be more interesting and have more fun in their roles. It could also be that most evil doers don’t need/have magic powers to make them super they just use their grey matter.

Or it might just be that he found Maisy chewing on he’s toys again and he thinks of her as being the heroin to all of the kids’ games, which would make him have to be the felonious villain coming up with all the story arcs.