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Posted on August 17th, 2018

After a hard day at work I came home to my loving family.
The Wifey, trying to hold the house together, Evelyn with her sore ear (which she got from all the swimming she’d been doing on her hol’s and Josh my big lad who may not be as old as he thinks he is. I found this out when I made the mistake if showing him the movie trailer for Venom (he is a big fan of the cartoon character) this was a bit to realistic and I’ve probably scared him for life.
After the kids went to bed that same night, Rach and I had a gas about our childhood movie experiences and which movies scared us. Mine were films like I.T. and Chucky but apparently E.T. freaked out Wifey. When looking at images on google of him to refresh my memory he does look like an old body part that’s been in a warm bath (of bleach) to long.