Buying off a Virus

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Posted on March 11th, 2020

In a world of inequality and greed I always find it interesting that when a trouble comes along in which money can’t buy you a way out of it, like a virus with no cure (it may only need time and resources to solve and treat but in the interim), everybody is on the same level playing field without any advantages and the wealthy can get it like everyone else and no amount of cash will stop you being vulnerable.

So in a situation like this both classes (there are only two classes the rich and everyone else) have there own advantages and disadvantages.

The super-rich on one hand may have large clean mansions to hide-in away from the 99%, but they avoid un-cleanly situation which can help their immune system keep active and develop new resistances. Also who cleans these castle of wealth, I’ll tell you who the lesser fortunate individual who cook and clean for them which brings interaction with possible harbingers of doom.

I have a solution for them, all they need to do is become complete shut-ins and avoid every poor person including family, this will then develop in to a complete paranoia about the outside world so we never have to see their smug greedy faces…

For the rest of us on the other hand, the less fortunate have no choice but to keep calm and carry on (maybe just washing our hands a little more, so that if we do mingle with “a wealthy” it won’t spread to there dark inner circle) ignoring the fact’s that there’s a bug out there that is spreading fast and aiming at our economy not to mention the elderly and infirmed. But which I’m told the vast majority wont even notice against the trudge of the everyday as anything more than the hot sweats and a dry cough (#cough).

Now most people will have someone that they deeply care about who has an under lying health issue or has just over ripened which means they’ll do what it takes to protect them. But don’t be fooled you are doing it for their benefit not old reclusive billionaire’s who only love there economy and that if you sneezed to closely to them, they might just have their butler put you down…

I think I’ve taken too many cold and flu pills and fallen down the rabbit hole again to where I found my soap box to stand on because I’ve completely lost track of the point of this post which is if you are getting stroppy about being told to wash your hands, then you haven’t been doing it properly from the start. #Wash your damn hands