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Posted on April 21st, 2019

Our own spin on an Easter egg hunt.

I’m not one who is overly knowledgeable about the whole Easter thing but I do love a good treasure hunt (pirates rule) and the kids like nothing more than having a challenge (that and the chance to get loads of chocolate goodies) and for the past few years I’ve spent a day or two before Easter creating these treasure maps.
It’s about the four or fifth year that I’ve gone all out with the effort, but its only been since last year that we’ve saved the old map and so I started creating a them as volumes.
Volume 1 last years had to be updated because of some of the minor changes around the house, but mostly Josh said it was too hard in parts, especial as he had to workout word searches and cryptic clues.
So along comes Volume 2 – Enchiridion Chartis (The Guide Book of Maps, we like Adventure time in this house) and I just made it as hard if not harder than last time with even more clues and puzzles find and figure out. I also added in a games master a.k.a me with some prerecorded video messages.
Anyway the kids had a whale of a time and it kept them busy for over and hour, below are just a few highlight pictures of the fun they had.
Reading the map and using the grease proof secret decoder
The Kiddo’s in the sun having treasure map fun
Figuring out the Chests Combination Code
The (Sugary) Riches at the end of the hunt