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Posted on June 5th, 2020

Jack Pancake

Well today has been one of those days for portraits, as you can see from the images below. The one above is one of my own creation (completely by accident but its gotta be said it has a likeness to Jack Skeleton. 

Evs Picasso

Evs home schooling project was to do a self portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso (who liked to pull some serious shapes), which I think you’ll agree with me that she smashed it.

Josh has the same project but in the style of Gustav Arcimboldo (the fruit and veg sales man who found a new market to sell his wears in).

I love this character because it looks so confident, even when his hands are made of sausages and people call him carrot top.

And the final image is one that I’ve done for my wifey because she needed an avatar for her YouTube account. I really enjoyed doing this for her, it was nice to see her so peacefully even if it was a drawing.