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Posted on March 20th, 2019

I’m having a crack at making a computer game with my son Josh and his own comic character Piza the Pizza slice, it has been fun and a bit of a steep learning curve for us both. My skills with the software are basic (…ly nothing) and Josh’s patience on animating character assets and game metrics means I can’t move fast enough. But we are still loving the challenge.

Josh is such a creative little man and I’m so proud of how talented he is and his determination. He’s created tons of comic book ideas and adventures featuring Piza and a host of other characters, but the reason we chose Piza is because he basically wrote his own script when trying to figure out what to do with him; for example, he’s a Pizza slice so let’s give him ninja dead stars of pepperoni and a mozzarella cape… reading it back it does feel like a weird cheese dream come to life.

Anyway got to get back to it and figure out level structures or maybe I’ll put my feet up and think about doing it just for now while Josh isn’t about.