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Posted on May 28th, 2019

Wifey and I have just taken the kids to see The Secret Life Of Pets 2, mostly because there’s a basset in it called pop’s and in this house we love everything basset related.

But the especially brilliant part of this new movie was the fact that Pops has a puppy lodger with him called Tiny, who is a cute little basset pup.

Both us and the kiddos went crazy over this poochie dynamic because it’s kinda like the Moe and Maz story arc that I draw about, with an ancient wizened old hound and a new to the world wide eyed puppy and how one has to put up with the other without one being posted to Timbuktu (I love Garfield).

Even though they weren’t in it long they both made a big impact on all of us here in the Phillips house and we couldn’t leave without buying a drinks bottle each for the kids with a Tiny figurine on the top.

Every kid needs to grow up knowing a pets love, it gives them empathy and helps them develop a caring nature. This let’s them understand their are other creatures bar themselves on this planet and they aren’t the only thing in the world. This love also flows both ways, with a well looked after and loving pet, helping the kiddos at times of hardship and get them through ruff (get it) days. Our pets seem to understand that a cuddle and a play will help the kiddos fix the upset.