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Posted on August 27th, 2018

Evelyn’s ear infection became to intense for her to get over without medical care so after Wifey made an appointment I took her to the the Doc’s (teamwork she lifts up the phone and I get to do the running around) with the soul purposes to get some anti-b’s. The only major issues with kids medicine especially anti-b’s is that they taste like some kinda fake fruit made out of chalk and eaten by a dog backwards then thrown up into rotten milk and left in the sun for a week.

Imagine feeding this sludge to a 4 year old 4 times a day with the only promise of getting better in 7 days. She thinks that half an hour until tea is an ice age and believes that this is her life now until the end of days. Each time she has to have it I feel like a zoo keeper feeding broccoli to a tiger and asking him to enjoy it.

The medicine has made a come back once or twice already and in my opinion it would make a better prop on a horror flick than the pea soup in the exorcist.