Suns out so hounds gotta strut

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Posted on April 17th, 2021

Looking your best when the sun comes out.

Everything gets outta hand quickly when you finally catch up with your friend’s.

Suns out and we’re all enjoying a bit more freedom, but it doesn’t take some people/dogs long before it all gets outta hound.

Maisy has been loving the new weekend routine in which we all nip out to Nana Bs for a walk and a cheeky burger at the new burger van on the square.

She has also got a new bestie. Her and new best friend Polly havent got that much in common, Polly is tall, slender, physically fit and sporty and Maisy gets tired just watching her. But sometimes its not how much you have in common that matters, its the fun you have together and these two have become fast friends in no time flat.

Heres to the friends we make on the journey of life.