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Posted on October 20th, 2018

Starting again with my arty stuff because of outsider influences (namely my son Josh) not in a bad way its more wanting to better myself so that I can help out my children and be a more positive role-model for them. So I’ve been watching loads of other cartoonists showing off there tricks and tips on youtube, tumblr and other net forums. Helping guiding other wanna be’s like me with cheat sheets and methods, I’m hoping for something like an old game cheat code that I could just type in to my digital art package (like up, down, left, right, A, B, Start – it hasn’t worked yet, nope not even an extra 1up) which would help me out.
What I did learn from all that content is that every one of those artists may have their own take on what’s important, but have lots of over lapping idea’s, with a lot of hours put in making a firm foundation in their chosen areas. All that skill makes it look natural and simple when watching but frustrating as heck in practice.
But don’t give up if you wanna succeed, there isn’t a lot worth doing in this world that doesn’t involved a bit of hard work, but the feeling you get after putting in that effort lasts longer and your skill sets grow stronger with the struggle.
This brought me to the realisation, take what you need from others tuition, listen to everyone’s thinking/views and give new methods ago. It may be contradicting opinion’s but if you don’t try you’ll never truly expand you understanding, don’t just clam up and mumble in your own head or even leave slaggy comments like some flabby, broken, decrepit, nocturnal, sweaty, media troll that believes their voices is the only one that matters (don’t trump others dreams) and doesn’t want others to succeed because they wont try.
No matter what your age everyone can learn something new.