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Posted on August 30th, 2018

The family has just been out for a nice car ride, Wifey and I went for a shopping day (presents for both Wifey and Eve’s birthdays) while the kids went to the in-laws to spend some quality time with Nan and Grandad B.

After that fun when we got back home we all had a craving for toasted marshmallows (or some other excuse so we can burn things and eat stuff) and because we only just have our new burny bin it had to fired up.

The kids enjoyed helping fill up the washing machine drum (it’s the best way to heat yourself up outside) and then Josh helped light it up. We all then sat around it toasting marshmallows and talking about the enchanting flames captivating our attention more so than the idiot box.

Sometimes it’s just nice to do something different and simple which help you to disengage and unplug from the social media, internet ready, entangled electronic world and feeling a little freedom from the 4th-dimension.