21 Century Space Oddity – 5-6

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Posted on February 7th, 2017

Finding the plans and materials was easy. There were thirteen different sites that would supply a class three hydrogen rocket engine and five sites that could provide oxygen filter units. (I didn’t know what any of this stuff was but it sounded important, and besides, Molly said we needed them!)

Saturday 1300 hours (1.00pm) Once all the materials arrived, we started to build our spacecraft. The plans that we had downloaded were easy to follow, because they were step by step and so it all fitted together like a jigsaw. We finished building it at 1600 hours (4.00pm) Including a much needed milk break.
Saturday 1605 hour’s (4.05pm) We needed to get some supplies for the journey. I got some frozen pizzas and pop. and Molly stocked up on biscuits and doggy ‘sno-ausages’.