A Teddy from Present to Past – 15-16

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Posted on March 26th, 2019

like a pin cushion”. He then added “what are we looking for again girls”, while rubbing his sore backside. Mona ignored him and kept searching while Molly said to her “why did we even bring him along”. Mona walked over to the climbing frames in the play park, were she had been playing with cuddles earlier in the day. Molly however didn’t follow Mona and instead she trotted over to the ‘green’ were they had been playing fetch (I say playing only I think Molly wouldn’t put it that way, she would say terrorised), and she walked across the ‘green’ to the other side of the park with a slight evil twitching smirk on her face.

Chapter 7 – The experiment begins

The assistant rummaged around in the darkness of the large room. It sounded as if he was struggling with heavy boxes which had to be dragged into position and bolted down to the ground, with a loud crunching hammering nose. While he laboured on with the grunt work in the dark, the professor walked Cuddles (carrying Cuddles in his hand, the professor isn’t that short) over to the middle of the dimly lit room. They stood in front of a medium sized microwave cooker that sat on a small coffee table. On closer inspection of the oven, cuddles could see large thick cables and wires sticking out of the thing, shooting off in every direction across the room into the darkness. On the front of the oven, where the label that should have said ‘Micro wave’, there was a piece of papery tape partly covering the words ‘micro’ and written on the tape was “chroniton” in bold black printed handwriting. Cuddles fur stood on end, he may not have known what a ‘chroniton wave cooker’ was, but he had a funny feeling that he would have a front row