A Teddy from Present to Past – 19-20

Short Toons

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Posted on March 26th, 2019

Before Cuddles was able to finish that thought, the professor had put the pad and pen down, and then began counting down from “ten, nine, eight”. Cuddles train of thought derailed at that point, but his perspective on life and the universe became very clear, ‘clear that he didn’t know what was going happen to his life and what the hell the universe had in store for him next’. Professor Warkin kept counting down “three, two, one…” there was a long pause, nothing happened, he walked over to his dozing assistant and while clipping him on the back of the head shouted “throw the damn switch… idiot!”. The large switch clattered down into place. Nothing happened, the laboratory fell deathly quiet for a few seconds that must have felt like a life time to the poor little teddy bear. As nothing continue happening, he felt relieved and began to wonder if those scientific nincompoops could even plug in a toaster let alone run a successful experiment. From the darkness of the room a low buzzing sound, hummed away barely on the edge of hearing, while the dim lights grew brighter and brighter until the far walls of the large room could be seen clearly. Still nothing happened inside the microwave… Until “pop, pop, crackle” tiny blue flashing bubbles burst by Cuddles’ head. Then every light in the room went out.

Chapter 8 – Time to come clean

Molly slowly poked her head into the darkness of the hawthorn bush, trying ever so carefully not to jab herself on its familiar thorns. When she had finally navigated her head carefully into the bush she found Cuddles where she had left him. At first glance Molly had a terrible fright seeing cuddles, because he now looked even more tattered and worn than usual, but worse than that he had a funny blue glowing gel on his fur. Molly hadn’t enough time to question these issues, she had to move the teddy to a different location, before she was caught red handed (well red pawed). Molly reached down to cuddles and tried to pick him up with her teeth. “ZAP” instant crispy dog, a large jolt of lightening shot from the dishevelled looking Cuddles to Molly, via the fillings in her teeth. As she’s zapped by the energy field that surrounds Cuddles, her body shifted without moving. She felt like she was in a waking dream about being trapped in a washing machine and watching herself through the small glass door. Molly watched Molly waddled up to the hawthorn bush and throw Cuddles into it.
Molly came too face down in the grass, feeling slightly light headed and dazed. All of the fur on her body stood up by static and smelt like a bunt hotdog. Molly isn’t a dog who knows when to quit (she’s a little stubborn/dumb) and so she walked back over to where Cuddles was. Except this time, she’d poke the teddy with a long stick, she took a snooker player stances and jab at the teddy. However instead of knocking cuddles over, the stick just passed