A Teddy from Present to Past – 47-48

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Posted on April 2nd, 2019

the heck up, or I will plug up your mouth with a pine cone, YOU GOT IT!” Molly had taken the verbal abuse, as a green light to tell Mona where Cuddle’s was hidden. As Molly pointed an ear to a small bush by Mona’s side, (still hoping that Mona would be too frustrated to make any wild accusations) said “that’s the one, I mean it looks familiar”.
Mona parted the bush and poked her head inside, she turned her head from left to right without stopping and then she backed out of the bush just pause for a second to pick something up. Mona turned around with her hands behind her back and a slight smirk on her face, she stood just in front of Molly and pulled out from behind her back a large, spiky, pine cone and said “what did I say I would do if you kept mucking me about, long ears!”
Molly’s face dropped as she saw a large thorny and uncomfortable looking pine cone being pushed towards her mouth, instead of a soft, cuddle teddy bear. With the pine cone bearing down on Molly all hope of her brilliant brain bailing her out, sank like a solid lead life jacket. So without thinking she just blurted out “well that’s where I threw him before”. She heard the sentence clearly, after it left her mouth and froze in horror. Mona’s face slowly changed colour from a milk bottle white, too an iridescent cherry red. Every nerve in Molly told her to scarper, but she couldn’t look away from Mona’s piercing eyes as they focus on the whole of her body at once making her feel very un-comfortable in her own fur. Mona walked slowly towards Molly with her index finger gently calling her to come closer, but Molly didn’t want to walk closer to Mona, she wanted to run far away and hide, but her leg wouldn’t do either.

“Now Mona you don’t want to do anything that you’ll regret later?” said Molly with a large lump in her throat. Mona replied “I’ll save the regrets for the things that I won’t have a chance to do to you”, said with a touch of venom.
Mona jumped at Molly with her arms stretched out for her neck. She grabbed hold of Molly’s…

The professor has finally finished his modification to the contraption so we will leave the violent inner city toddler’s and their devilishly mischievous basset hounds behind (in the present), for a peek into the very fabric of the space time continuum.
Some of you out their reading this might be disappointed that we’ve chosen to go back to the lab just before the violence. It’s because we had a choice of gratuitous carnage and an adult certification, or a bit more science fiction and maybe a chance to see the creation of the universe. So we choose the scientific bit over the bloodshed, because some of the more protective parents might send in letters of complaint, about the books graphically detail section about biting, kicking, screaming and cool kick boxing fights that happen on roof tops, with helicopters and cool special effects.
Well we all hope you will enjoy the rest of the book without the brilliant gory bits.