A Teddy from Present to Past – 49-50

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on April 4th, 2019

Chapter 16 – Less of the violence more of the Science

The laboratory seemed eerily quiet, with the absence of loud constant finger tapping on a keyboard. In the quiet of the lab a humming mumbling noise was just audible and with the absence of any other noise the quiet mumble became clearer and words could be heard. The strange noise was Professor proof reading the new changes he’d made to his machines program.
“I’m finished, we can now carry on with the experiment” the professor said, sounding delighted. Then he got a bit carried away and shouted at his assistant “Igor, it’s alive! Are you coming to watch history being rewritten backwards”. His Assistant emerged from the dark and said in a whiny voice “my names not ‘Igor’ its ‘Alan’. The Professor just sighed as if he’d heard this all before and said “I apologize, Alan are you coming through to watch, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on history in the pre-making”, said with a touch of sincerity.
As both men sat down in front of the dark TV screen, Cuddles faced the horrid fact that he might have to live the rest of his days trapped inside a small, old, unwashed microwave oven, like a long forgotten TV dinner.

Before the professor continued his experiment, he insisted on asking his Assistant Alan (he used his Assistants name because he felt like they both were about to make history) if there might be anything he may want that could interrupt the second stage of his brilliant experiment. His Assistant shook his head (not wanting to speak in case he interrupted the Professor’s thoughts) and when he was fully convinced that Alan and he were fine for refreshments; the Professor fished out his Universal remote from the side of the chair. With a press of a button the machine power up, but as it did this time it acted differently than before. Earlier when the machine was switched on it needed time to warm up slowly, and crept into life quietly. But this time as it powered up, the whole device flickered and jolted to life, with a bright fussy electrical glow around its dials and wires. The revamped machine wasn’t quiet either, because all of the cog and gears hadn’t enough time to warm up, and just screeched loudly as they were flung into action.
“Wow, what’s happening to the images Prof”, said Alan. The professor replied with “I’ve started it off on a slow setting, just to test that it works. So every now and then it will display a short burst of video footage or still images at a watchable speed, otherwise all we would see is a flickering mess of lights, as ‘time’ spun passed the screen and don’t call me Prof, ‘Assistant’”.
“Oh… ok, cool, so is it kinda like highlights of a football match”, answered his Assistant (formally Alan) trying desperately hard to place it all into a slightly more comprehensible context.