A Teddy from Present to Past – 5-6

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Posted on March 21st, 2019

Molly walked towards Mona, with each step making a loud thundering statement about how angry she was and that justice would be served. She stood squarely in front of Mona and had a paragraph of text scorched into her mind of what she was going to say to Mona. But before speaking Molly had to place the ball onto the grass, from her mouth and cleared her throat. But instead of the rage filled torrent of venom she was about to spill she just watched Mona pick up the ball and throw it in the same direction as before. Molly’s jaw dropped to the ground and after a couple of seconds of silence she said two words to Mona “You’re Despicable”, and hobbled after it again.
After the exact same incident happened for the third time and final return (don’t ask how she could let it happen twice let alone three times, she says it must have been because of the bruising, mental trauma and the massive blood loss from the hundreds and thousands of pointy thorns poking and jabbing her now tenderised body) things would be different and Molly would say her peace to Mona. It was just too bad that before she could confront her, she collapsed in front of Mona and her smug little glassy eyed teddy cuddles. Molly fell asleep from absolute exhaustion and in her light coma she dreamt of cunning plans and how to reap her revenge.

Chapter 2 – Back at home

Our story will now jump ahead in time from the park which was earlier in the day, back to Mona and Molly in their front room where we had left them. Molly is still utterly shattered on the floor but has found her way next to the fire place and Mona has returned from the kitchen with a cold drink. She took a long gulp of the juice and after lowering the glass had an expression of puzzlement on her face. She looked to Molly and then to her hands, her face changed from a perplexed appearance to the look of realization that something was monumentally wrong with her world as it stood. The reason why Mona’s world was being turned upside down happened to be that her oldest friend was nowhere to be found. A dark sheet of terror fell over Mona, as horrible vision’s flash within her mind of the fate that might have befallen her beloved teddy bear “Cuddles”. Mona cast her mind back through the day so that she might glimpse an image of where her cuddly companion maybe (at this point we’re not talking about the highly suspicious fur ball of a second hand rug, sprawled out infront of the fire place here, namely “Molly”). Mona pushed and shoved her way back through the memories, remembering the last time she could recall seeing Cuddles. It was at the park when she had placed him on Molly’s back as she lay asleep, Cuddles wanted to play horse with Molly, but when they returned to the car Cuddles must have fallen off. Her mind was now clear and so was her objective, she would have to escape the confines of the house and then travel the five miles back to the park on her tricycle, to find her lost cuddly buddy. At this point unknown to Mona, Molly had been laying next to the fire awake and listening