A Teddy from Present to Past – 69-70

Short Toons

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Posted on April 9th, 2019

The Professor and Alan watched the individual pictures in silence, but every now and then they would yell out or point when something cool happened. On the screens were meteorites, asteroids, comets, planetoid things and many fiery stars. The flying space debris reversely crashed into different object, joining together instead of exploding apart, still flying backwards through time heading towards something. Space seemed to be getting much more cluttered and as some of the objects crashed into each other in a hell fire of implosions where the image feeds combined. Now there were only seven video streams left.
A brilliantly bright shining light slowly spread out from the centre screen, filling the entire giant TV. It was a radiant bright white with a greenie grey dust hanging through its middle. The lights source seemed to becoming from direction were the fragments were spinning towards. The glow grew dimmer as the space debris had almost reached its finishing line and most likely its very start line, all in one.
In what felt like an instance, lasting only a few seconds, bright streaming pin hole lights accompanied by aloud rushing noise sucked the universe and existence into the bleak empty nothingness of pre-time. Both men sat still waiting for something more to happen, but the only thing still displayed on the large screen was a flashing warning message that said ‘please reconnected the input’.

Chapter 20 – God Bless You

As the awe struck drooling Professor watched the flashing message, his Assistant sounding very unimpressed and said “Is that it then… well that wasn’t what I’d expected”.
The Professor heard his Assistant speaking and it felt like he’d been slapped across the face and all he could replied with was “WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPECT! a giant song and dance or maybe even the answer to the ultimate question of how and why we are all here?”, he spoke loudly in Alan’s face as he finally lost his temper with his pain in the back side Assistant. Even though he felt a little bit let down by how it all ended, maybe hoping there be some more insight to why we are all here.
Alan, the Assistant didn’t notice the anger in the Professor voice, because he mistook it for the Professor preparing to sneeze (because before the Professor sneezes he tries to finish what he’s doing, speeding up and getting louder so he doesn’t forget what he was talking about). Alan reach into his pocket not looking at the Professor who sounded like he was taking a deep breath in now and was getting ready to sneeze ‘with a sniff and a snort’. So instead of answering back, he