A Teddy from Present to Past – 71-72

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Posted on April 9th, 2019

offered him a tissue. Alan said “here you go”, as he tried to hand over the hankie, but at the same time the Professor said, impatiently “would you please blow your runny nose, it sounds like your sucking on a trumpet”, while he fished out a handkerchief from his own pocket. “It’s not me boss, I thought it was you”, said the Alan, defensively.
“Now why would I offer you a mostly clean handkerchief if it was …” said the Professor, well tried to before his words slurred and trailed off, as he turned his head to watch the screen power itself back on.
The screen was still an empty blank void, but they knew it was on because a sound could be heard which sounded like “arh!…arh!..arh!…..” coming from it TV speaker’s. It was a companied with pre sneeze noise that sounded similar to rushing wind being quickly snorted up through a giant elephant’s trunk. The Professor and Alan walked over to the screen hoping to hear the disgusting noise more clearly. Which in retrospect seemed to be a colossal mistake because as they did a cataclysmically huge sneezing explosion forced its way out of, and through the screen with a shower of white light and plastic being exploded out along with the entire machine as it blew upward? And as it did the whole laboratory went up with it, popping its top similar to a huge bottle of well shaken champagne. As the laboratory roof flew up into the clouds, cogs and other parts of the machine shot past it like bullets. The largest projectile was still on fire as it flew through the air like a rocket.
As the flames on the thing blowout, the object could be seen as a small flying battered microwave cooker almost completely in tacked and still carrying its one tiny second class passenger, safely on-board (well as safe as a teddy could be flying through the air at hundreds of miles an hour in an aircraft on fire that was as aerodynamic as the

cheap microwave oven in your local electronics store (because it happened to be one). As Cuddles flew through the air the last thing he thought that he’d heard, well apart from the deafening explosion was what sounded like Alan the Assistant saying “God bless you”.
The Microwave came plummeting down, crashing through a canopy of tree tops. As it was caught by one of the branches its door flung open which throw Cuddles out and down towards the ground. The small teddy’s luck went from bad to worse as he fell through the rest of the tree, still covered in a blue jelly and hit every other branch on his way down. As he hit the last branch it flicked him out of the tree and he bounced off of what he thought was a hard rock before landing onto the soft grassy ground.