A Teddy from Present to Past – 75-76

Short Toons

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Posted on April 9th, 2019

Molly pushed by Mona and said, in a smarty pants voice “Oh that’s easy, when Mona picked up Cuddles after finding him in the park, she gave him a hug which froze time and transported both of us, ‘ARH…’”, Mona’s elbow landed in Molly’s fury rib cage to silence her with short sharp yelp. Mona carried on Molly’s sentence, and said “Well that’s a different story, which can wait for another day, can’t it Mum, besides we don’t want our dinner to get cold”.
As Molly heard the magical words ‘dinner’ spoken again her ribs felt much better (funny thing that, when anyone mentions food to Molly and it cures what ails her, instantly).
Mum answered her “Of cause your dinners, how could I forget, hear you both go, ‘bon appetite’”, giggling evilly afterwards.
“Err, yuk”, said Molly and Mona in unison “Soggy cucumber sandwiches”.
“Well your actual dinner went cold about an hour ago, and if you haven’t noticed girls there’s been a power cut throughout the whole town”. Mum chuckled a little and added “must have been that ‘Nutty Professor’ eh kids”, then carried on chuckling to herself as she walked out of the kitchen.
“This is all you and that stupid toys, fault!”, said Molly angrily with a growl.
“My fault?” Mona replied, “If you hadn’t thrown my teddy into a hedge!”, “No you started it by throwing my favourite tennis ball away!” interrupted Molly. “Well you pushed Cuddles onto the floor in the car!” replied Mona.

They say the argument carried on loudly into the night and can still be heard bouncing through time and space today, and if you’re really quiet you might still be able to hear it …….
Only kidding, goodnight everyone, love from Mona and Molly.