A Teddy from Present to Past – 9-10

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Posted on March 25th, 2019

Chapter 4 – Back to Molly and Mona

Mona and Molly had to think of an extremely cunning plan, that would get them both to the park on the other side of town. Mona’s facial expression seemed to suggest thinking caused significant pain, while she racked her brain to come up with a plan. But before any ideas came to Mona, Molly suggested “why don’t we just ask Mom and Dad to take us back to the park”. Mona’s face dropped and she quickly answered her “don’t be stupid that wouldn’t work… would it”. Molly said “why not give it a try”. They both ran through to the kitchen and straight to their Moms legs, saying with urgency in their voices “can we please go back to the park Mom, please, please, pleeeeeeease”. Mona and Molly’s Mom is quite an intelligent woman but the look that was slapped across her face was one of dumfounded surprise and before she could answer them her brain seemed to need a quick reboot. Mom finally replied to the question by saying “haven’t we just arrived back from the park?”. Mona said “well yes, but…” before Mona could finish Mom butted in saying “besides your dinner should be ready in an hour, so you will have to wait”. This news didn’t go down well with Mona or Molly, Mona believed that Cuddles would get himself even more lost if they didn’t go right now and Molly on the other hand or paw just didn’t want to have to wait an hour for her dinner.

At this point Mona devised her most clever and cunning plan, all on her own. Her plan was to go upstairs, to get change into some camouflages clothing. Then place a smoke bomb under the upstairs smoke alarm, on a 20 second timer. While the time counted down they would sneak back down stairs and hide in the front room, wait in the shadows. When the smoke alarm was triggered Mom and Dad would rush through the front room to see what’s happening. Then Mona would then shoot both of them with sleeping darts knocking them out cold. The next step would be to open the back door, by climbing up to the lock and picking it with a hair clip. After opening the door it’s just a small jump over the gate, hot wire the car and then drive it to the park.
When Mona finished explaining the plan to Molly, she said “It’s almost too easy, let’s go”, Molly sat stock still, looking like a statue, Mona said again “Let’s go”, and Molly still sat quietly, almost frozen. It looked like her mind had completely imploded after listening to Mona’s insane plan. All Molly could stutter out and say was “we could do that or maybe we could go ask Dad to take us”. They both agreed to try Molly’s plan first. Mona and Molly had already become experts on how to manipulate dad into buying them things and they had many strategies on how to achieve it. This situation though called for the big guns, Molly would pretend to cry and show him the big puppy dog eyes, while Mona wells up in side and gets her bottom lip trembling uncontrollably. Both Mona and Molly had worked their tricks into a fine art form. The deceptions had become so powerful that they could bend time and space (well almost), because before Mona and Molly’s dad new it, all three were sat in the car outside the park.