Worm Food – 1-2

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Posted on April 5th, 2017


This Story has been dictated by Molly and typed by Mona (because Molly still hasn’t gotten the hang of a computer)

It was a cold and wet November’s morning, and I Molly Phillips am fast asleep in front of the fire place, dreaming about bones (what a cliché). I stirred from my sleep too the sound of Mom in the kitchen. She was talking to her self and scribbling something on to paper, I walked to the door and poked my head around the corner to spy on what she was doing (hoping it had something to do with food). Mom stood facing the fridge, sticking a note to it. I waited patiently by the door until she left the room before approaching the fridge. Sat at the bottom of the fridge I peered up at the note. From where I was sat I could only see part of the note, which read “Molly Vets, Worm Tablets”. A cold chill of panic swept over me. My legs began to run before my mind had a chance to catch up with them.

When my body and mind finally synchronized again Mona was shouting at me “get out of the way, you’re ruining my highest score on ‘Ninja King 3 – The Shogun’”. I have to admit that I wasn’t making much sense at all, I was just howling and shouting “VETS me TABLETS, turn me into a WORM” and jumping from paw too paw. Mona replied with “What the heck are you going on about, let me just finish this level and save”, “No time” I said and switched off the game, “they will be coming to get me