Worm Food – 5-6

Short Toons

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Posted on April 6th, 2017

over me with an empty glazed look in her eyes and a pair of safety scissors in her hand. Before it could go any further, I pointed out that I liked my ears where they were and if you did get them off, how would we get them back on again. Cause I’m pretty sure they wont grow back. She seemed quite shocked by this news and said “they will wont they”. “No they wont” I said. She began to say “how about we stick them back on with glue af…” Mona stopped mid sentence as she saw that I was giving her a cold harsh look of death as I said levelly “No!, I am quite attached to my ears so instead of using them to stick to the teddy we will use a pair of your fluffy bed socks, one for each ear”.

The Molly Manikin was ready and the third and final step of the plan was next, where Mona would go down stairs with the teddy and I would hide up stairs in her room. Mom called up the stairs to see if I was ready to go out. I sent Mona and the Molly voodoo doll down stairs, she’d found Mom and Dad in the front room, “here’s Molly ready to go” said Mona. They both turned to each other, then back at the Mona and the doll. Dad started to say “Molly is looking a lot like a teddy with sock’s for…”, but Mom elbowed him in the side and said “ok sweetheart I just need to go upstairs to get something, you and Molly wait here”. Little did I know that at this point Mom was sneaking up the Stairs as quietly as a mouse, while I was sat at the top of the