Worm Food – 7-8

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Posted on April 6th, 2017

stairs trying to hear what was going on, instead of hiding? I can’t remember much of what happened next except that a digestive biscuit appeared in front of me, well at least it tasted like a digestive, I swallowed it before double checked what it was. Shortly after eating the biscuit the room began to spin slowly back and forth and Mom appeared at the top of the stairs saying “why is it that every time we need to go to the Vets I have to hunt you down and sedate you like a wild…” my whole world faded to black.

I remember having a bad dream wear I came to on a cold metal table with bright lights shining in my eyes, a figure formed out of the shadows of light and loomed over me, it was hard to make out what it looked like through slightly blurred eyes, but I remember it was very tall with greyish green skin, a mask over its mouth and large eyes made of glass. It then began to poke and prod at me while writing down my reactions. It also measured and weighted me saying under its breath that i was slightly cubby (don’t agree with it Mona just keep typing, did you just type that, and that and… just forget it, where was I oh yes) the Alien also took my temperature, but the thermometer wasn’t placed under my tongue “ouch”. Just before I slipped back into an unconscious stupor, I saw a familiar silhouette of a person receiving a tub of pills from the Alien begin. And then the blackness again, only this time with a short