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Posted on September 11th, 2018

Parks are a terrific place for kids to release pent up energy. Josh, Eves, Maisy and I had a drive out to ours after Sunday lunch at my folks. Grandparents are great at filling kids full of beans of energy then stirring up the pot till there jumping beans which end up bouncing about inside the kids ready to bust out in fits of giddy joy before sending them home; also feeding them lots of chocolate cake.
I was completely oblivious to this and having no idea why or what had gotten into those two little demons sitting in the back seats of the car. As I drove I had been running through reason for why they were acting like a bag of angry bees and concluded that they needed a break in routine which might help them snap out of there self-motivated, self-centred, introvert focused out look of a view on their own place within this small speck of dirt in the universe. By that, I mean there answering me back when I tell them to do stuff and it is so unfair! I am sure I never did any of that sort of thing when I was there age… penny finally drops! “Sorry Mum and Dad”. It’s hard not to just snap and shout at them (not that they would listen) which doesn’t help because they both get their attitudes from Wifey and myself (kids act out what they see and no matter how awesome you think you’re; Wifey has vids of me acting like an idiot on a skate board). They get Wifey’s ability to argue paint off the walls with a temper like a …(comparison delete by 3rd party) and I’ve got a voice like a partially deaf Thor shouting in a thunder storm that is as stubborn as a mule wait for someone else’s turn to carry the bags. All these things put together make a obnoxiously dangerous mix and creates nothing but trouble from us and all around.

The double trouble duo named Jeve’s can make my head spin. Especially when one runs in one direction, the other in the opposite and a dog escapes running in a third direction. Therefore, no matter which one I go after the result would be the same, getting an ear full until I feel embarrassed in public of their behaviour or ignored until I feel like I’ve just been arguing with myself for 10 minutes. Sometimes it just feels easier to sit down on the floor rocking back and forth repeating, “It’s not that bad, it’s not that bad”.

All honesty my kids are brilliant and these days are few and far between. All kids spit the dummy, after all there only human they’ve just had less experience on how to deal with anxi and aren’t old enough to go to Moe’s bar or Cheers for a mood relaxer.