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Posted on September 18th, 2018

The kiddie wink’s have been enthralled when listening to me reading them Mr Men books and little Miss books of a night time before they get tucked in and hopefully drift off peacefully to the land of nod. Wifey and me have always tried to fit a bit of reading into the chiddlings bedtime routine. It is just nice sitting together around a book and relaxing before bed. I’ve read all the Mr Men books before to Josh, when he was rather small without our angel Eves cuddling up to us, so its like a refresher for him where it’s all new for her.
There’s nothing wrong with these simply drawn and clearly written children’s books for my kids apart from the memory of the great Victoria Wood saying in a sketch where she said that you could walk past a computer keyboard and bang your bum on the keys and find you’d accidentally written a Mr Men book. I don’t fully believe that because even though they are simple stories based around one or two emotions with only one main character and maybe some others as well. I think it helps break down what the emotions the characters represent and how to deal with that feeling in a positive way. They keep it simple for a very good reason because adding to much complexity can freak the Mr smelly out of parents and confuses the kids until they have less of an idea of how they were meant to feel to begin with.