A Teddy from Present to Past – 33-34

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on March 29th, 2019

him from the road, he bolted out of the car door and ran away tripping over the teddy and kicking it into the street as he ran. As the soldier watch the man, his gut instinct forced him to the floor with his gun at the ready. He was about to yell “STOP” to the fleeing man, when the little boy walked passed his shoulder. The soldier without a moment’s hesitation grabs hold of the boy by his waist and turned on his knees facing away from the jeep. He was about to run with the boy, when “BOOM”, a deafening explosion violently ripped through the street, and its shockwave throw them both to the ground.
The camera view on the TV screen seemed to get blown back with the shockwave, whilst the two men watched in absolute silence. When the professor realised it wasn’t an action movie they were watching, he snapped out of the TV’s hypnotic trance and quickly scrambled to correct the camera’s view.
As the image zoomed in from the roof tops, they could hear people’s screams getting louder. On the screen, men, women and children ran away from the smoke billowing car as it roared with flames. The teddy bear could now be seen in the centre of the screen. Wanting to know what happened to the heroic solider and little boy, the Professor and his Assistant looked desperately from one crying face to another for any sign of them. But it was no use the crowd of people was too thick.
The teddy sat in the middle of the screen, with the flaming crater of the jeep behind it. Cuddles appeared to be in perfect condition without a single tear, singe or scratch on it fur. The flames were then blocked from view behind a boot, and

a large blooded hand reached down to pick up the teddy. The view on the screen tilted up and out slightly, to show the little boy held in the soldier’s arms. The beaten soldier handed the dusty old bear to the boy, who took it without looking away from the soldiers face. The boy was trembling and pale at the sight of the bloodied soldier.
A familiar looking man barged his way through the screaming crowd, and then stood in front of the soldier, crying. The soldier stumbled towards him, handing the weeping man his son. Father and son hugged each other tightly for a moment, and then looked back at the soldier with large smiles painted on their, tear soaked faces. The father said to the solider “how can I ever repay you for saving my boys life”. The young solider winked at the little boy and said “it’s all in a day’s …”, but before he could finish the sentence his eyes glazed over and he fell forward on to his face. The father quickly covered his child’s eyes from the blood gushing wound on the soldier’s back, before shouting and screaming for help.