A Teddy from Present to Past – 59-60

Short Toons

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Posted on April 5th, 2019

heard a squeaking noise. It came from the time machine as it started to build up its power again, for another jump into the past (god only knows how far back it would jump on its own, after having a body dragged through its delicate mechanism’s and cogs that are greased with some mouldy old margarine). The professor fiddled around his chair for the universal remote, so that he could stop the next jump. The earth altering meteorite blazed with light filling the screen and dazzling the Professor. He was too late to stop the jump, temporarily blinded by the light he fumbled desperately to fish the remote out of the chair cushions. All in vain because time had quickly slipped away spiralling backwards once again into the past (like a backed up sink, bubbling up from its crud filled drain, only to be unclogged just before you see your favourite ring has drop into the murky water and all you can do is watch it in slow motion being sucked away forever before your very eyes).
“Oh gosh darn” said the Professor, sounding very frustrated, “if only I’d been able to see such a historically cataclysmic event, happening”. He added under his breath, sounding completely disheartened “I guess it wasn’t meant to be, some mystery will be forever lost in the endless depths of time and space”.

Chapter 18 – On the First Day God made…

As he slumped back into his chair, a heavy hearted grown came from his Assistant, who asked “Were you talking to me boss”. The Professor sternly replied “No I wasn’t boy, and do lie still. ‘Ha’ you make a better foot stool than a laboratory assistant any day”.