Worm Food – 11-12

Short Toons

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Posted on April 6th, 2017

Mona was sat the Molly Voodoo doll we had made earlier. I ask her “what’s that”, “ah ha, I wonder why you were being so quiet and also why you hadn’t asked for a go” she replied, “we’ll see how quiet it is when I rip its stuffing out” I said, but before I jumped on the effigy of me Mona asked me why I was howling my head off a second ago. I quickly realised why I was there and told her how Mom and Dad had tricked into eating the worm tables and my Alien abduction. Mona then asked me did I feel any different, I said “I feel the same if not a bit panicky”, I then shrieked “what’s that growing out of my bum”, Mona kind of tilted her head slightly sideways and said “its your tail”. I said with a weep in my voice “oh no its started already I am growing a worms tail out of my bum”. Mona said sternly “No not a worms tail, it’s a dog tail and you’re a dog. That’s it the torture has gone on long enough and I want to play my game”. So she went onto explain that Mom had told her about the tablets and that they are name worming tablets but don’t turn you into a worm, they will help my stomach feel better, and that next time that you should trust Mom and Dad and talk to them about any problems we may have.

So that brings me to the end of my tail and the moral of this story is don’t eat floor food before you double check it smells right and Mom’s can be very devious and tricky Creatures who you can’t trust.