Worm Food – 9-10

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Posted on April 6th, 2017

freaky dream about multicoloured basset hounds on parade. I awoke with a jump to my alarm clock blaring in my ear, which I had set this morning to wake me for dinner. I then realised I was at home in front of the fire place. I thought to my self “did I dream it all or some weird premonition of things to come”, just then I heard Mom talking to herself and scribbling in the kitchen, under my breath I said “déjà vu” and poked my head around the corner again, she was stood in the exact same places as my dream sticking a familiar looking note to the fridge door, I waited for Mom to leave before I approached the fridge slowly, for what seemed like the second time today. I made my way to the fridge only this time there was a slight problem my nose had caught hold of the most glorious smell, namely My DINNER. Please believe me when I say this but I am not proud of my actions when eating my dinner, but let me just say that I resembled a wild pig rooting for truffles in the mud on a wet day. Licking my checks and eye lashes clean of all the food, I resumed my approach to the fridge. Peering up at the note on the fridge which seemed clearer to see this time, read “Dad, Molly’s worming tablets are in her tea, please make sure she has eaten them”. It took me a second to digest the information – literally, and for the second time at least I thought it was, Mona sat their shouting at me to be quiet and move out of the way of her computer game, only this time she wasn’t alone and by the side of