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Posted on August 23rd, 2018

My son Josh has new and brilliant ideas every day. His brain is like a bubbling pot every day something new floats to the top. Yesterday Josh was watching Spiderman…

and the idea that came to him was that if you could make Doc Oc’s tentacles automated automatons they could become handy helper travelling around on their own and I bet Doc Oc might win once without even lifting a single appendage.

Josh always seems to gravitate towards the villains of comic books, it’s got to be something to do with the fact that they seem to be more interesting and have more fun in their roles. It could also be that most evil doers don’t need/have magic powers to make them super they just use their grey matter.

Or it might just be that he found Maisy chewing on he’s toys again and he thinks of her as being the heroin to all of the kids’ games, which would make him have to be the felonious villain coming up with all the story arcs.