A Teddy from Present to Past – 13-14

Short Toons

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Posted on March 25th, 2019

any item for my experiment? If so it had better have had a long history like I told you”. His assistant replied hurriedly without the stammer in his voice, “Yes, I did Prof”. “What have I told you about calling me Prof, its Professor Warkin or Sir to you”, shouted the professor loudly. “Sorry sir my bad”, replied the assistant. The professor gave him the evil eye, but before he could shout again at the assistant, Cuddles was quickly produced from behind the assistants back for the professor inspection. “It’s a stuffed toy” answered the professor, who carried on saying “are you sure it has plenty of history”. The assistant had the expression of a confused sheep trying to calculate a tough algebra equation hanging on his face. He realised that he couldn’t just say he’d found the toy in a hedge, so just lied “of course he is old look at him all tattered and worn, the shop keeper at the Antiques store said that he is a classic old tatty brown bear by the company “Cantthinkofaname and sons” from “Fakeshire””. The professor said “I thought you said the antiques shop was closed”. “Damn” thought the assistant aloud, half spitting it “well they were closed, but the owner felt better and so they opened the shop again”. The professor didn’t wait long adding “I thought you said they were at lunch”. “Yes they did go for lunch only felt a little queasy afterwards and went for a lie down and after a 5 minute lie down, their lunch settled and so they came back and opened up for me. Then I went in and bought their most expensive antique, with a rich and long history, which happened to be this little fuzzy teddy bear”, rambled the assistant, who now looked very light headed and completely out of breath but mostly happy with himself. The professor replied “Well it’s too late now, so I suppose it’ll have to do”. He snatched the teddy out of his assistant’s grasp just before the assistant

collapsed from lack of oxygen. The professor then gave cuddles a closer inspection with an electro magnifying eye glass. As he inspected Cuddles, a short low hum came from his lips and then he said “this will do nicely. Please my good fellow can you prepare …the machine”, which was said in a smug, sinister voice. He then added quietly lost in thought “soon we travel into the unwritten history books of time and space”.

Chapter 6 – Back to the Park

Mona and Molly jumped out of their car door. While Mona started to retrace her steps through the park, Molly followed and helped sniff out her exact trail. Dad was still quiet shocked but not at the obvious fact that he was sat in the car at the park without knowledge of how, ‘no, no, no,’ he was surprised that he could still be so easily manipulated by the terrible two.
All three walked from the car back to their picnic area almost stepping in their previous foot prints the entire way. On their walk back to the picnic area they hadn’t had any luck in locating Cuddles, but did find two crunchy rappers’ and half a drunken can of Mountain Juice (which they cleaned up). Dad walked over to the picnic table, too sit down, only he jumped back up and shrilly shouted “ouch, theses darn blasted car keys in my back pocket, they’re going to piercing my bum