A Teddy from Present to Past – 23-24

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on March 27th, 2019

screen itself. The hand grabbed the screen and wrenched it out from the bush quickly into the light of day and the picture on the screen became over saturated by the light. Slowly the image balanced and focused on a picture of a man’s face.
“Hay, that looks like…, it is, I’m on the telly cool it must be one of those reality caught on TV shows” said the assistant. “Boy I could really do with losing some weight, but they do say the camera adds ten pounds or so” he added before his eyes met an angry gaze shooting at him from the professor. The professor then said “I thought that you used the money I gave you to buy this teddy”. His assistant looked puzzled by this statement and then looked back at the TV screen again. The assistances mind went blank (no surprise) as he watched the screen realisation dawned and he tried to divert the conversation away from him by saying “the wobbly video footage could make a pirate suffer from sea sickness!”. The Professor clicked a few buttons on his special remote and the image on the screen zoomed out behind Cuddles with him always in the middle. He asked the Professor “So was their always some hidden cameras around the teddy”.
The Professor had attempted to explain his experiments before to his assistant with zero success. But he considered that now with it working in front of him and in full living colour, it may finally sink in. As the professor spoke to his assistant he seemed happier with a slight smirk. “How could I have placed a camera in the teddy when I didn’t know you’d found it. I didn’t even know it existed before you had shown me it 10 minutes ago… you stupid boy!” spoken with a light conviction and a “I know I’m smarter than you”, laugh to his voice. “I shall explain too you again what my experiment is all about, please pay attention”, the professor seemed to be talking at a level pace now, more for his own benefit than his Assistance.

“This experiment maps the entire history of an object though the life of its decaying time particles, and can replay a digitised image of them on this screen” said the Professor, smugly. He then said “How, I here you ask”. The professor took a deep breath and started to speak quickly, “It creates negatively charged blank time particle’s called chronitons. Which are fired directly at all objects within the micro… I mean chroniton wave machine. The negatively charged blank time particles react with the objects normal time particles and follow them backwards through their journey in time. Then the cloned particles are funnelled backwards in time retracing the object’s existents in reverse through time and space. This retracing process can then be digitised and played on the TV screen, because the microwave is creating a particle funnelling nexus point. We can even zoom in and out of the object by increasing the power to the particles.” he stopped to catch his breath, and then added “So in conclusion you can now see that I am an outstandingly talented scientific genius”.
He turned to face his assistant, for a standing ovation, only to find him lying face down in a pool of saliva snoring. The Professor’s face instantly went red and his checks bulged. He walked over to the table which his assistant was sprawled over and kicked it from underneath him. “I said pay attention, or else you will be the next ‘guinea pig’ for the experiment and I’ll have lots of fun trying to force your fat head, into that small microwave cooker” screamed the professor with a manic look in his darting eyes. “Sorry boss” whispered the assistant, then he paused to building up some courage before adding “so why am I on the TV then”. The