A Teddy from Present to Past – 21-22

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Posted on March 26th, 2019

through him as if he were a ghost. She had three or four more really good swings at the teddy, clearing quite a lot of bush before stumbling back in disbelief. Molly didn’t know what to think about the stuffed toy apparition, her only thought was of how she would probable get the blame for it all. She dropped her head and started to walk back to where Mona and Dad had been. Molly thought to herself the whole time about what kind of questions Mona and Dad would ask her and should she tell them where to find Cuddles or not. Molly’s mind went blank (…er than usual) as she tried to force think a good cover story. She eventually came up with something about teenagers dressed in black looking shifty near the bushes (what teenager doesn’t look shifty) should do the trick. It was too late for Molly to think of a better story, because she was now stood in front of Dad. Molly could see the time on Dads watch and knew that if she didn’t tell Dad and Mona now there was a chance her dinner would definitely go cold. She’d convinced herself that no good could come from lying, but more importantly no food would either. So Molly told Dad where she had seen Cuddles and then waited for the allegations to fly her way. Neither Dad nor Mona asked her why she’d been looked on the other side of the park without them, and Molly wasn’t about to provoke them to fill in the blanks. So the trio made their way through the park to the hawthorn bushes.

Chapter 9 – The experiment explained

Cuddles still sat alone inside the microwave, in complete darkness when all of a sudden, a low blue fuzzy light emanated from his fur. The light became brighter and its glow seemed peculiarly luminescent. It seemed somehow heavy and solid, more like water (although without being soggy) and the light resembled a camping glow stick. Cuddles began feeling quite claustrophobic in the tiny microwave as it filled with the ‘shockingly bright’ blue solid light. And just as Cuddles stitches couldn’t take any more of the pressure from the light; Fan’s all around the oven, started spinning and sucked the blue ‘goo’ away. As the ‘goo’ was pulled out and away through the pipes, more of the eerie light came out of Cuddles as if there was an endless supply. The world around Cuddles began to fade and melted away. Cuddles felt as though he was being thrown head first into the void beyond the universe.
Outside the microwave the professor watched as the blue fuzzy light flowed through the pipes and tubes into the back of a large TV screen. The blue glowing pulse from the microwave and illuminated the lab in the absence of any other light source. In the middle of the TV screen a small white dot appeared and with it a quiet crackling noise from the TV’s speakers. As the blue pulsing light became steady, the white dot grew larger expanding across the screen. While the screen flickered, the quiet crackling noises became louder and through its crackles, voices could be heard. On the TV screen images flickered into focus and a man’s hand could be seen reaching down through a dark thorny bush, towards the