A Teddy from Present to Past – 27-28

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on March 28th, 2019

The images jumped as they began to rewind, this time Professor Warkin kept the machine spinning through time for much longer than before and with every flicker on the screen a day sped past before the audiences very eyes. The swirling picture’s stop rewinding, but as they did the image jerked backwards and forwards before the video play normally again. On the screen an elderly couple walked through a heavy down pour of rain towards the front door of a small quaint cottage. They stood still for a few seconds outside the inviting front door. The elderly women of the couple spoke, with a gentle warm rusty sound to her voice “have you remembered to bring the present, Honey”.
At this point back in the laboratory, the professor was sat still trying to watch the screen while his assistant insisted on attempting to guess ‘loudly’, what the present was and who it could have been for. “ARH!” said the assistant rubbing his arm. “Just remember I’ve got another shoe, so let’s just please watch video footage in silences, thank you” said a very frustrated sounding Professor.
“Of course I’ve brought it blossom, this is the tenth time that you’ve asked me to check”, said the slightly taller figure, standing in the rain. “Just checking, well come on, are you going to knock on the door?” the woman replied, with a slight sigh. The man raised his hand to press the doorbell “I don’t need to knock theirs a bell here” said the man, wining a small victory.

The elderly woman was about to reply with an argumentative comment but before she could, the door was opened by a tired, worn out, badgered looking women (who could have shown lady stress a thing or two on how to become more stressed). “Hi Mom, Dad come in, come in, would you both like a” she was interrupted before finishing her sentence, by what sounded like a cat fight on a chalk board. All three grown adults crept into the lounge quietly, trying not to be heard through the deafening screams. In the middle of the room stood a large cot, there was a man bending over the cot that was wearing a red clown nose and talking to two hand puppets. The strange man realised he was playing to a larger audience and spun around quickly to say “hi”. As he did the fake nose flew of his face, across the room and bounced off the wall knocking over a photo frame. The shrieking stopped for a second and a little giggle could be heard from the crib. He pulled the glove puppets off his hands and said “Hi Mum and Dad, are you here to see the bundle of…” the shrilled screams rung out again from the new born baby as its farther tried to talk. “SHE’S GOT A GOOD SET OF LUNGS” shouted the Grandfather who looked half drowned from the storm. “DON’T WE KNOW IT”, replied the new parents, together in unison. The elderly couple walked over to the cot for a better view of their granddaughter “oh whatever is the matter, my little pumpkin” said the grandmother, in a fluffy cotton wool soft voice.