A Teddy from Present to Past – 29-30

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Posted on March 28th, 2019

“Dad, get the present we brought her”, said the grandmother more demandingly this time to her husband, while always keeping eye contact with the crying baby. The elderly chap pulled a pink frilly package out of plastic bag and placed it down beside the crying baby and then said while giggling “go on then, open it up little one”. All the adults in the room stared at him, and for an icy moment through the screaming baby noise, the baby clocked the present and the room went fell silent. “Enough of that Dad, I’ll open it for her” said the young mother, reaching into the crib for the package. She carefully opened the present trying not to rip the wrapping paper then pulled the lid off and peered inside the box. It seemed deceptively larger and darker than it should have been. As she reached her hand inside to try to pull the present out, the thing inside wouldn’t budge. The young mother gave the small box a vigorous shake to free up its contents, with no joy. She stopped shaking the box to say something but as she did a fluffy brown teddy bear slipped out of the box and landed in the crib, next to the new born baby. For the next few seconds that past, all the sound in the world had disappeared under a warm blanket of silence which covered the whole room as the little baby’s hand grasped the bear.
A gruff loud voice interrupted the quiet by saying “oh, isn’t that sweet, I think I should phone me dear old mum and tell her how much I…” The professor interrupted his assistant before he could finish by shouting “will you please shut up!”, then said “I’m going to carry on rewinding this stuffed toys life story too its very begin, and unless there is a gun fight or even better an explosion I am not pressing play again, Ok”. Under his breath he mumbled “bloody soppy dribble”, while in his free hand he typed a text message on his mobile phone, that was held just out of his assistant’s eye sight. (The message was sent to the number ID of ‘MuMzzy’ and had way too many X’s in it to make any sense).

Chapter 11 – The story has special effects

The images on the screen rewound again, faster than before making the screen look like a shimmering blur. The professor sat still trying to watch for anything important but couldn’t because he was being distracted by his fidgeting assistant who kept wiggling around in his chair. As the Professor grinded his teeth from the stress, his assistant clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Both men sat in unspoken loudness, staring at the images slipping back through time. The toes of the Assistants shoes banged against the side of the Professors chair. The old scientist stared an evil glance at him, that gave the Assistant without using words the message of ‘sit still in that