A Teddy from Present to Past – 37-38

Short Toons

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Posted on March 30th, 2019

turned to face the doctor, as he did his eye caught a glimpse of the teddy. When soldier saw the bear his expression changed immediately from joy, to the embodiment of sadness. The solider ‘patient’, said to the doctor, through gritted teeth “did the little boy not make it”. He feared the answer as he stared into the empty space by the side of the doctor’s head, holding back to tears. The doctor thought for a second and said “do you mean the little boy and his farther, which brought you in”, the soldiers face brightened at the good news. Then the doctor said, in a helpful manner “they said something about having tickets to go home, but left this teddy bear here for you”. He handed the bear over to the soldier “I will check in on both of you later”, said the doctor as he walked out of the room. The young solider held the teddy in one hand and said to it “oh hell, the lads back in the squad are going to take the mick out of me when they see you”, then said to himself “although you would make a smashing present for my sweet heart back home”. His hand felt the note on the teddy’s back and unclipped it. Inside the envelope was a small handmade get well card with a short message to the soldier. He read it out loud for the teddy, “To my hero, I hope that you will get better soon. I have left you my teddy bear, to keep you safe, Good luck love Jake. P.S. his name is ‘Cuddles’ and can you please give him one from me”.

Chapter 13 – Enough of that let’s carry on

The TV was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of someone’s nose being blown noisily in a vain attempted to desperately hold back their tears. After the Professor cleared his nose and fidgeted back into place, his assistant asked him “so whys he in hospital then, am I missing something”. The professor sniffed the tears away, and said while still watching the TV screen “No son you’re missing a lot”, in a tired, fed up sounding voice.
The professor was just about to settle back into this amazing action flick, when it dawned on him again that this wasn’t a movie, it was in-fact his lifelong experiment. He dragged himself away from the entertainment on the TV so that he could carry on with his experiment, for the good of all of mankind (he told himself). But the main reason he wanted to continue with the experiment was because he hated watching soap operas, even if they’re action packed and strangely engrossing ones.
The machine began to wind up its diode’s and what you call it’s, again, drawing large amounts of energy through the tangled crow’s nest of cables which lay next to the electronic gismos. The images flickered across the screen clearer than before, still moving too fast to focus on a clear story, but were slow enough to get an overall picture of the events.
The professor said sternly “There will be no more interruption