A Teddy from Present to Past – 39-40

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on March 31st, 2019

to my experiment, from now on. That means we will not be STOPPING, PAUSING, PLAYING or FAST FORWARDING the video feed. We will only be watching it in reverse until it gets all the way back to the teddy’s creation”. Before the Assistant could answer him, he took a deep breath and carried on, “we will also be treating this as an official scientific experiment and not like Sunday afternoon telly, are we clear?” He paused, to see if his Assistant was still following him, in the slight break the assistant tried to say “would you like…”, only before he could finish the Professor spoke over him, adding “and you will sit down in that seat and not make another sound or even a hot drink without my say so, is that clear”. His Assistant stared back at him with an intense expression of concentration in his eyes and wrinkled forehead. The Professor expression said ‘I don’t want to know’, but his lips said “what’s the matter with you now, lad”. His assistant exhaled a little spitting and mumbling slightly, before stopping himself by pulling his arm out from between his pretzel twisted crossed legs and slapping his hand over his mouth. Both men sat in silence, one with his hand over his mouth and the other thinking to himself what’s that idiot up to now. In the silence the professor had chance to hear his own thought’s and the first thought he had was, ‘I wonder what would happen if I built a robot to chase that idiot Assistant out of the lab’. The second thought however was ‘why does that idiot look like he’s desperate for the toilet’.

He suddenly realised and said, in a impatient voice “which one of the following do you think would annoyed me more, you asking me ‘could I please go to the loo’, or having to clean up the mess after you relieve yourself all over my lab floor?”. His assistant answered meekly with “what were the choices again?” “Just go to the toilet before you’re bladder explodes” sighed the professor. The assistant only heard ‘just go’ as he ran at full speed towards the toilets. The Assistants running style looked abnormal as he scampered to the toilet, his knee’s seemed to be almost tied together, and on his way he bumped into desks and chairs that didn’t seem to be in the road before. As the Professor settled down and got back to his work, he thought out loud ‘I wonder what life would be like without that idiot around mucking everything up. It would unquestionably be easier, but defiantly a whole lot duller’.