A Teddy from Present to Past – 43-44

Short Toons

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Posted on March 31st, 2019

molecular level, and so the time particles are still trying to retrace the life time of it even before it became a cuddle teddy bear”. The Professor stared at his assistant in shock as he said “that was a perfect explanation, excellently worded. The only problem is that I can’t take a person seriously when their zipper is open”. The smug look on his Assistants face was wiped clean, as the Professor shot his subordinate’s epiphany down in mid-flight. Whilst the Professor realised his notes were open on the table in front of them both, and said “quit reading my ruff theories and come here, we have work to do”. “Yep, boss” he replied, quickly following his orders. The Professor sounding very excited said “right, because the time particle machine is still trying to trace the history of the toys materials, I’ve had an idea”. “Are we going to use it to take over the world?” said the Assistant eagerly. “What! No” said a surprised Professor, “how would we? Never mind. It means we can trace the history of the world and maybe even the very universe”. He ignored any effort his assistant made to attract his attention to ask questions and just carried on speaking. “So what I need you to do is firstly keep quiet, and go and plug the machines primary power line into the town’s main power socket, while I make a few adjustments to the programming”. Before the Assistant was able to ask him a question, the Professor said “I am going to amend the speed of the pictures and display, because we are going to travel thousands, millions and even billions of years into the past, instead of just a couple of months or years. So I will have to link all for the tiny particle cameras together so that the video feed stays hopefully as one image, instead of an image for each stray fragment of the bear, got it”.

Both men looked at each other thinking about the tasks (the Assistant tried desperately hard not to think about the Professors task because every time he tried it made him wince in confused pain). The Professor said “good luck, I think we both will need it”, and they went their separate ways. A loud shout of “Geronimo” came from a manhole, as the Assistant jumped through it in to a sewer, followed by a loud splash and a lot of spitting noises. The professor walked to his desk and shortly after he sat down, only quiet mumbles and tapping could be heard from him, as he typed away at two computers at once. While both the men went about their work, Cuddles’ still sat alone, quietly inside the microwave oven. As he sat in the cramped oven, Cuddles had time to contemplate his life in whole and with the experiment felt like he’d partly relived it all. For some of his life experiences, once was enough because a few of the events could seriously traumatise a stuffed toy leaving it ‘un-stitched’, literally! He then giggled noiselessly to himself, at the thought.
(It’s not that surprising really to learn, that most cuddle toys spend their life time contemplating their own existence. It’s just too bad for the inanimate toys not to be able to share to the world, from years and years of quiet meditation on what they have learnt. ‘It’s enough to send a sane teddy, mad’).
After ten minutes the assistant returned with all the hair on his head stood on end, looking slightly more singed with plumes smoke drifting off his cloths. Before the professor noticed his return, he’d smelt a funny smell as he typed away at the computers. He said out loud too himself, “what smells like a barbequed rat, which has just taken a long swim in a public toilet”. He turned his head to find out where the smell emanated, his assistant stood next to his side looking very dishevelled,