A Teddy from Present to Past – 45-46

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Posted on March 31st, 2019

“Oh, it’s you, have you finished?”
He said through the side of his mouth while he kept his eyes separately fixed on each computer screen. The Assistant replied through a long sigh “yes it’s done but it won’t last, because it’s drawing too much juice from the power grid. It’s probably gonna to set the circuits on fire or maybe something even worse”.
The Professor didn’t seem to take any notice of his Assistant’s ‘words of warning’, and just carried on tapping away at the keyboards. After a minute of the assistant standing still and waiting for a response, he cleared his throat in a vain attempt to attract the Professors attention. It worked and he stopped typing for a moment to say “so where’s that juice you were yapping on about”.
His Assistant started to reply with “not that kind of juice”, but gave up after his voice had been drowned out by the loud typing. So he just shrugged his shoulders and wandered off in search of another drink for the Professor.
(This part of the story gets a little bit boring, well unless you find programming and re-configuring a microwave oven fascinating. Even if you do I am going to jump across town anyway, to see what Molly and Mona are getting up to).

Chapter 15 – The search for Cuddles gets Violent

In the meantime, our three intrepid trackers marched forwards, through the park and were closing in on where their lost companion’s last known location was.
Mona ran ahead to the bushes, then looked back at Molly who tried to guide her to place she had seen Cuddles. Molly had decided to keep up the acted, and pretending not to know which bush Cuddles was in, just in case Mona put two and two together and accused Molly of being a traitor in their ranks. So Molly sent Mona looking in one direction and then another until she was certain that Mona would be too frustrated to think straight. Just as Molly was about to send Mona off in another wrong direction, Mona lost her temper and said “if you don’t know where he is. Then shut