A Teddy from Present to Past – 53-54

Short Toons

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Posted on April 4th, 2019

it’s self apart”.
The smile on the professors face came unhinged and then it fell off, as he spoke “Listen you little twerp this is the most amazing brake through known to mankind, and I need to see it through to the end… or begin, or is it…, It doesn’t matter, all that matters is we aren’t stopping it just because of a little squeak”. Then as he finished speaking he heard the screamingly loud spinning cogs and he added in a snooty ‘I don’t know how to admit when I’m wrong’, kind of way “Be a good lad and go and put some grease or oil on it… quickly”.
As his assistant walked aimlessly off, the professor shouted after him “and for heaven’s sake don’t go getting your hand trapped in the cogs and gears, I wouldn’t want you braking anything important”.
The assistant searched the shelves for anything that could be used as a lubricant on the machinery, all the time carrying an expression of a scalded puppy, which had been smacked for wagging its tail. As he looked for the oil he thought to himself ‘I could have done better than this job. I shouldn’t of dropped out of school, then again some of my old teacher were worse than him, at least he doesn’t have a ruler’.
The silhouetted shadow of the professor began to smile along with its owner as they both watched the video feed from a thousand years ago. He spoke loud and confidently to himself “I’ve travelled back one hundred years and also one thousand years, how about I try combining them both and travel back a hundred thousand years”, he added a

little evil cackling laugh at the end (it must have felt like the right thing to do, your guess is as good as mine).