A Teddy from Present to Past – 51-52

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on April 4th, 2019

“Yes, that’s a good way to look at it, only instead of showing goals or points scored it will display events that happened when there were large energy burst, or particle convergence and atomic exchange”, said the Professor. “Ergh…, ok then”, mumbled the assistant, straining to understand the gibberish that the Professor had just said.
Within seconds the video displayed a landscape (where most of the teddy’s materials must have been resourced from). In the middle of the screen stood a large city, which seemed too teamed with life and busy sounding noises. As they both watched the screen, a short bright burst of light rolled across the TV causing the tall buildings to shrink or disappear from the landscape. When the flash had finished, the city (as it had been) vanished and was replaced by a small village, which was surrounded by fields of farm land.
The professor jumped out of his seat, with a face full of joy at seeing the change on the screen and said “Eureka! It worked, it flipping well worked”.
His assistant looked slightly puzzled, and said naively “sorry boss I must of fallen asleep or blinked or something, all I saw was a picture of a city, then the camera flash a bit, and now all I see is a small town”.
“That’s exactly what I’m talking about, the flash of colours happened to be an instances of time jumping backwards through it history more than a hundred years”, said an excited professor.
“Oh” his assistant replied weakly, not exactly knowing what to say.

“Oh, is that all you can say. Just watch the screen, as I skip a thousand years in a blink… keep your eyes peeled boy” sneered the professor, in a cocky voice and then aimed the remote control dramatically towards the television, looking like a Wild West gunslinger shooting away time with a, ‘click’.
The screen flickered and flashed as time burnt away into the past like a candle burns through wax to find its wick. On the screen the same village stood only much smaller and grubbier. It was also now surrounded by a huge forest. The village centre seemed to be a castle built on a small round man made hill and its people, that is the few ant like dots visible on the screen that could just be made out to be people (because of how high above the small village the camera was, ‘Well they may have been goats standing up straight, but that’s not the point’) looked as if they hadn’t heard of a washing or were in desperate need of inventing the bath, as they toiled over a small field of corn.
The professor’s expression changed to a permanent smile as he watched history being rewound in front of his eyes. In the Professors excitement, he’d become deaf to the world outside of the Television screen and couldn’t hear the loud screeching noises, roaring out of the machines innards (either that or was very good at ignoring obnoxiously loud noises, Alan the assistant must be the exception). His assistant heard the horrible noise coming from the guts of the machine but also noticed that the professor was in a daze. He tried to shake him too while saying “Professor, Professor, wake up, your machine is making funny screeching noises. Snap out of it, Prof. what should we do. Then Alan said to himself, “Maybe I should shut it off, before it shakes