A Teddy from Present to Past – 63-64

Short Toons

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Posted on April 8th, 2019

saw. His assistant snatched up the remote, slightly fumbling with it between his two numb, shovel like hands, “It says, approximately ‘minus five billion years, Monday the 4th of June’”, he answered, sounding exhausted at the mere thought of it.
The TV screen finished focusing and there were now four separate pictures that quickly turned back into three streaming videos. Shown on the first and smallest screen was the comet which the professor so eagerly viewed earlier, only this time when he saw it, he’d taken a single glance before his attention was draw away towards the other two (which had been until a moment ago three) images.
On the second medium sized screen, the particle cameras viewed a giant planet like meteorite, which was in a low orbit around a reddish, fiery planet. And displayed on the third screen was the reddish planet, its surface resembled an enormous open fire as it coughed and sneezed dusty clouds of fiery smog and ash into its atmosphere.
Both men sat on the edges of their seats watching the mystery of time unfolding, they both looked desperate to say something but didn’t dare interrupted. Just as the Professor opened his mouth, the giant moon of a meteor was dragged out of its orbit and came crashing down into the fiery planet. Alan the assistant jumped back in his seat pulling his knee to his chest and shouting “Oh no it’s going to hit”.
It fell slowly into the planet with an unstoppable power and as the planetoid plummeted through the planets sky it caused the atmosphere and land around it to catch fire. On the third largest screen the meteor filled the entire sky with fire, brimstone and imminent destruction.

The two planets collision was about to climax with an earth shattering explosion ‘BANG!!!’. Only before it had chance the Chroniton wave machine began reversing the time flow backwards, this time without any warning signs or noises.
“What’s happening now Prof, why’s it playing in reverse again”, said the Assistant, urgently back on the edge of his seat. The Professor answered him flatly with “’shush!’, just watch it, the machine knows what to do”.
The giant planet destroying meteor was being ripped backwards out into its previous orbit around the reddish world again. As the planetoids aimlessly floated through space, the video feed sped up and introduced a four image which pushed its way through the others, slicing the screen up into quarters. Displayed on the four video feed was part of the planet’s fiery surface which seemed mostly hidden by a giant cloud of dust. The dust cloud was being sucked back into the braking landscape. A giant implosion, sucked at fire and showering icy rocks as the ground ripped back through the atmosphere (like a plaster being torn of a scabby knee), the newly formed comet was pulled out of the planet’s atmosphere, it sucked up scorching fires, giant dust clouds and even some mammoth ice burgs, which all rains up into outer space.
All the video streams became faster to a speed that was almost unwatchable, as the new smaller comet ripped its way back into the void, away from the small unrecognisable, planet Earths pulling gravity. The newly formed smaller comet gave a glancing blow against the larger moon sized one and as it did instead of breaking into more pieces, fragments of floating space