A Teddy from Present to Past – 65-66

Short Toons

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Posted on April 8th, 2019

rocks and ice were being sucked back into both bodies’. The fragments had just floated around the moon like a small belt. But as the comet pulled away backwards they filled in a hole in its side, making the moon whole again. The newly formed comet zipped off into the dark depths of space, flying back to its beginnings.
At this point all the images became fuzzy and then the whole screen turned into a blurry mess as time flew backwards millions and even billions of years into its hidden past.
The poor Assistant was really struggling to understand and fully place into context what he’d just seen so he just ended up blurting out “Wow, now they were some cool special effects, did you see it when the small one hit the other bigger one, and went ‘boo ksssh!’”. He tried to recreate the noise he’d only just heard as best he could. However, the middle aged madly glaring Professor had been replaced with someone that look exactly the same, only with a mental age of a ten-year-old boy that had seen something super cool that he never could imagine and replied to his Assistant with “That was wicked awesome, it had to be how our planet Earth was created”. His Assistants face changed from an ‘thrilled kid’ to ‘disbelieving old man’ and said “What, let me get this straight, are you telling me that all of what we just saw was real!” said in indifferent disbelief; almost to the point that if he felt anymore contradictory thoughts his head might explode at the answer.
“I think ‘was’ is an appropriate word for it, because all of what we just saw happened around five billion years ago”, said the Professor.

Both men sat still watching the screen flicker and jump, waiting for the next show. Neither man spoke or uttered a sound as they watched the garbled images of gibberish; flicker past unable to blink just in case they missed something amazing or important.