A Teddy from Present to Past – 73-74

Short Toons

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Posted on April 9th, 2019

Chapter 21 – A short reunion

Molly yelled out in pain, “Ouch!” and grabbed a hold of her head with both paws, “What just bashed me on the head”, she said, whilst still hoping around and rubbing the bump on her head. Mona didn’t answer her; instead she just bent down to pick up her lost cuddly toy from the grass. As she picked him up she gave him a little brush down, to clear off the leaves and twigs that had stuck to his fur and then she snuggled him tightly to her chest giving him a great big bear hug.
Mona held Cuddles in along timeless embrace and that almost looked frozen in the moment. Dad finally caught up with his two girls who were at the far end of the park, and said “Oh good, I see that you found your stray teddy bear, ‘aww’ give it a big hug from me”. Then he looked at Molly and said “Molly, will you stop dancing around like an idiot, with your hands on your head. Gees, I don’t know, these modern dance moves, they make the kids look like there in pain”. At hearing this Molly stopped hopping back and forth, and was going to give him a right mouth full of abuse. Only before she had chance he’d added “We best be heading home now or you’re Mum will be feed our dinner to the birds”. All that Molly had heard Dad say was ‘dinner’ which made her forget all about the bump on her head and she quickly rounded everyone up and ushered them into the car like her cousin Dolly the prize winning sheep dog.

Chapter 22 – So that’s, that

“And so Mum, that’s the full story of why we were late for dinner” said Mona, in a triumphant sounding way. Molly added quickly to the end, before Mum could speak “it also answers the more important question of why we say ‘God bless you’ after someone sneezes, because that has always bugged the hell out of… “. She stopped talking, when Mona interrupted her telling her to “’shush!’, she doesn’t want to hear that”. Mona and Molly’s Mother stood in front of all three culprits, (Mona, Molly and a very dirty Cuddles) with her arms crossed and a very heavy brow, giving her an angry but trying to understand, puzzled expression.
She asked the only safe question she could think of that wouldn’t take a whole story book to answer which was “So where is your farther at then”.
Mona and Molly didn’t expect this question and just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders (how is it that long in the tooth, married men always know when they should avoid an angry wife, it has to be a self-preservation instinct handed down through their genes from father to son all the way back to prehistoric times; maybe Cuddles can answer it?).
“No matter, I will catch up with him latter. But before I let you two go, what I really want to know is if that story of yours is true how did you both know what happened in the laboratory, especially in such detail”, asked Mum, hoping that her enquiry would put an end to this whimsical tale.