A Teddy from Present to Past – 17-18

Short Toons

Comics for the Shorter Attention Span

Posted on March 26th, 2019

seat for what it did. The professor held cuddles in one hand and with his free hand typed a short password into a panel on the side of microwave and then tried to open its door. It didn’t budge, two worries bounced through his brain, first – had he’d forgotten the code to the door, again and secondly – was the door on his marvellous microwave stuck shut from persuading it to open last time he forgot. He placed cuddles on the floor carefully, trying to hide his frustration as he carried on struggling with the small oven door. He quickly lost his temper and prised it open with the help of a larger scientific crowbar. The door swung opened with a brutal crack from its hinge (later that evening he’d remembered that he had placed a baby lock on the side of the oven after breaking the main lock in the same way last week). The professor tried to regain some composure before he placed Cuddles into the ‘micro…, sorry I mean, chroniton wave cooker’. After locking the door on Cuddles, he fished out of his pocket a Dictaphone to record his voice. Before Professor Warkin started recording his journal on the Dictaphone he had seemed like a quiet man, who would seldom say two a words. However, this fact changed as the Dictaphone recorded and he began to explain in great detail each small movement he performed and what his achievement means to humanity. Each recording taken had a title, like “Experiment 119.75 log 1, historical recording of objects, through the mapping of time particle inversion monitoring and digitised image viewing”. As cuddles heard the jabbering foreign language of jargon coming from the professor, his fluff filled head almost exploded. The terminology used just careered over Cuddles and didn’t even passing within sight of his understanding. So Cuddles ended up ignoring about seventy percent of all the professors waffling.

From where Cuddles was sat he could see the outside world clearly through the microwaves glass panel door and the frame of the door made it seem like a TV’s screen. This was a bizarre coincidence; because the microwave cooker happened to be connected to a very large TV screen (he hadn’t noticed the screen before because it could only be seen by taking ten paces back and squinting really hard while waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dim lighting). The professor babbled away to himself, while his assistant finished attaching the rather large ‘what you call it’s to the manifold do-hickies’, (which the professor put in a more scientific fashion, only we don’t want to bore the reader’s with too much of this over the top science jargon).
The clattering noises from the back of the room had ended and the professor noticed his assistant keeled over onto a large sofa gasping for breath. The professor shouted at him “prepare too throw the switch, once I have finished my pre-checks”. His shattered assistant mumbled something quiet under his breath and then waddled over to the large switch on the wall. Professor Wakrin picked up a note pad and pen. Written on the pad was his pre-test check list, which he began ticking page after page of check boxes, every now and then having to stop and rest his hand. Whatever the experiment was, that Cuddles now found himself a crucial part of, it made his fluffy imagination race and his cotton wool heart pound. Cuddles began wishing to himself that he was anywhere else or evening anyone else at this point. Well it had to be better than being stuck in this small microwave prison with two scientist weirdoes on the outside.