A Teddy from Present to Past – 7-8

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Posted on March 22nd, 2019

to everything Mona had to say to herself. Molly looked as though she was suffering from an attack of a guiltily conscious (maybe she saw cuddles and didn’t mention it, who knows). While Mona continued thinking out loud about the search and rescue mission, Molly listened in quietly, which made her stomach became all horribly tight and knotted. Maybe she was feeling guilty about something or maybe she knew her friend need her but she couldn’t lie still anymore and sprung up, saying “I will help you find our lost comrade”, in an alarmingly heroic voice.

Chapter 3 – The start of Cuddles longest day

This section of the story may seem a little far-fetched and slightly around the twist, but it is only because Cuddles hasn’t been so clear about all the details, so please bear with it if some parts seem a little sketchy. Hope you all are enjoying it so far…
Cuddles the teddy bear, found himself trapped in the middle of a small thorny bush. It seemed quite dark with only softly broken light streaming in through the gaps between the twigs and leaves. He was grateful for the light because it let him know it was still day time. He sits motionless in the bush thinking about his predicament (well it is quite hard to do anything when you’re an inanimate object like a teddy bear). Just as he starts to convince himself that living in a small, thorny, damp, bush for the rest of his life isn’t too bad, he’s picked up by a strange looking man in a white coat, who seemed to be talking to thin air at a feverishly fast pace. The conversation that the man was having seemed to be about how he was late for a ground breaking experiment and that this raggedy old bear (namely “Cuddles”) would have to do. The weird man plodded along, through the park, every other minute saying under his disgustingly sweet, bitter coffee and stale doughnut smelling breath things like “I hope this teddy is old enough” and “Well the Prof should pay me more money if he wants better service”. He reached the edge of the park with Cuddles in his large mitten sized hands. They crossed the road, in the direction of the old run down part of town where disused ware-houses and old factory’s stood. The man walked up to a particularly large, old dilapidated factory building that looked as if a hard stare would knock the walls over.